A florist happens to be a professional floral designer who organizes and then cut dry flowers to make eye alluring centerpiece, bouquets, gift baskets as well as wedding and funeral displays. To become a florist, it is required that you have more than a casual interest in floral designs. You need training, the right approach, and a mix of floral industry experience. Having formal education is not typically necessary, but it can be of great help to assist you in developing the necessary skills, knowledge, and competence.

The first thing to becoming a florist is to be affectionate about flowers. For decorating and arranging flowers, you must be a good creator. Have good coordination and sense of color combination. Also, be able to understand customer’s requirement and have people’s skills and be able to work under deadlines.

Though formal education is not required for you to become a florist, it will of importance in understanding plants and flowers and also identify flowers for designing. Many universities and colleges provide programs on floriculture.

Whether you receive formal training or not, you need to work with an experienced florist so as to develop your skills. This gives you an opportunity to see what it would be like to work as an actual florist. You can look for opportunities in a flower shop or a grocery store.