I have always had an interest in flowers, which is why I have one of the best gardens in my neighborhood. I have won several contests and people are always asking me if I would be willing to create arrangements for them. I am stuck in a job that I hate so badly, which is why I think that I may want to switch gears and consider a career as a florist. Even though I have been dealing with flowers for years, I have no idea how to take this and turn it from a hobby into a career.

I have seen some classes in my local area, but I am not sure that they are as extensive as I would like. It seems like you go for a week or two and end up with a certificate. I want to do a course that explains pH and everything else that pertains to taking care of flowers and making sure that they stay beautiful. I am hoping I can find something that is local. If not, I am more than willing to consider an online course if it is not too costly and it is offered by an accredited school.